Arcane Lineage: Update Roadmap (Future Updates, What We Know) (2024)

If you’re interested in knowing what the devs have been cooking for us in Arcane Lineage, you’ve come to right place. Apparently, there’s already information on all the incoming updates in line at the moment. With that said, I can assure you that there are lots of exciting things to look forward to. Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about the update roadmap for Arcane Lineage in Roblox.

  • Update Roadmap
    • 1.1 Update
    • Dark and Light Update
    • PVP Update
    • Tundra Update
    • Caves Update
    • Corruption Update

Update Roadmap

So, at the moment, here’s what the update roadmap for 1.1 forward looks like. Of course, not everything written in the roadmap is 100% sure to come into the game. But still, it gives us a bit of insight on what we can expect in the future. There will be factors like optimization and what the fanbase wants, on whether the changes come in or not.

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If you want to know more details about the upcoming updates, make sure to read further below.

1.1 Update

This update is expected to come out soon and it features a new exciting raid mode and more. Here’s all the leaked content for this update.

Arcane Lineage: Update Roadmap (Future Updates, What We Know) (2)

Metrom’s Vessel Raid – Metrom is one of the Gods in the game. Nuova says that it will be lot harder than the two bosses of the game at the moment. We don’t know exactly how the raid goes. But it can be something like a tower or dungeon and finding a lot of enemies.

4 New Super Classes – these will be the new neutral classes which differs from the orderly and chaotic classes currently available in the game. At the moment, the only information I have about the new super class is the spear one. It features a design with a spear and shield, similar to the Paladin class. We can expect it to be a tank, but we’re not so sure about that yet.

More Scrolls, artifacts and enchantments – lastly, these are pretty self-explanatory but it’s definitely a good addition. Especially since the only lost scroll available in the game at the moment is a support spell.

Dark and Light Update

This update will focus more on the addition of two new covenants/factions, aside the Blades of the World and Way of Life that’s currently in the game and more. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Arcane Lineage: Update Roadmap (Future Updates, What We Know) (3)

Church of Raphion and Cult of Thanasius – it’s safe to say that these two new covenants are for the orderly and chaotic based on their names. However, we are yet to see whether my assumption is right or not. Moreover, I’m not sure about the exact benefits from the factions but it may be about additional quests and easier potion crafting for the orderly/chaotic.

2 New obtainable races – this incoming feature is interesting. The reason why is because there are currently two unobtainable races in the game which are Gates and Lightborns. There’s a possibility that these two races will be the new additions for this update, which is really cool. This will be a good addition considering it’s been a while that the races have been the same.

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New enchantments and more – just like the previous update, this patch will also add new enchantments as well as more unreleased content. We are yet to see what the ‘more’ in this update refers to, but I’ll make sure to let you know when we do so.

PVP Update

Unlike the two previous updates, this is not guaranteed, and it will depend on the player base whether the patch goes through or not. The update will focus on the Ziggurat PVP Arena which features rewards, elo matchmaking and special titles.

Arcane Lineage: Update Roadmap (Future Updates, What We Know) (4)

This definitely seems like an interesting update, and lots of players want the PVP feature. However, at the current state of the game, it’s safe to say that the game is not designed for that kind of feature at the moment. The reason why is because the combat is buggy, and the game has to be rebalanced entirely for PVP which is a lot harder than it seems. With everything said, we are yet to see if the update proves me wrong if it so happens.

Tundra Update

Coming up next is the Tundra update, which comes with an introduction of the game’s first new biome and more. There are more to see for this update, let’s find out what it has in store for us.

Arcane Lineage: Update Roadmap (Future Updates, What We Know) (5)

Tundra Biome – this will be the first new biome to be added to the game if ever. Moreover, it is where the all the new Ultra Class trainers will be located, which I will be talking more about down below. For those who have played Rogue Lineage, this is something familar as there’s a biome of the same name in the game. It features a temparature system which can be annoying, but we are yet to see what the update really is about.

Hands of the Hero – a new covenant/faction aside from the two new additions mentioned in the 1.1 Update. Currently, we have no information or speculations on what this will be about. With that said, we’ll make sure to let you know if we find something about it.

2 Ultras for all weapon types – this is a very exciting addition especially for those who have played the Rogue Lineage as it adds a great feature from the game. The feature I’m talking about is the addition of two new Ultras for all weapon types.

This means that after your base class and super class, depending on your alignment, you can go for the Ultra Class. A little heads up about the Ultra Class, it typically has a different weapon and armor set much like Super Classes, but they also have a quest. At least that’s how it goes in Rogue Lineage. For example, you’ll have to defeat a certain monster and give it to the trainer to get the upgrade or grip a certain number of players. Anyway, it’s definitely a great addition to look forward to.

New raid – coming up last, aside from the new raid from Patch 1.1, this update also features a new one which we are yet to find out as well.

Caves Update

Second from the last, the Caves update, is also an exciting and interesting patch to look forward to. Among all the updates in the roadmap, this features the largest batch of additional content. Let’s take a closer look at all of them.

Arcane Lineage: Update Roadmap (Future Updates, What We Know) (6)

Caves Biome – the first thing this update adds is of course, the new caves biome. However, we don’t have information about the said biome at the moment.

1 New ultra for all weapon types – this one is interesting since usually there’s only two Ultras for each weapon type which is for the orderly and chaotic which is speculated to be added in the Tundra update. I also mentioned the possible addition of the neutral classes, which can be what this new ultra is for. However, if that’s the case, it can be a bummer since people using neutral classes will have to wait for another patch before being able to hit the Ultra Class.

New progression mechanic – at the moment, the progression system of the game is very simple, easy and linear. It goes like this: you get encounters, you smack people with your sword, you get experience points, you level up, you raise your stats, rinse and repeat. Now, it’s possible that this new progression mechanics will be tied to PVP or maybe a new hidden mode that’s not announced as of now. We’ll have to wait and see.

New enchantments, scrolls, raid and more – similar from the previous mentioned updates, these will be added as well. Again, we are yet to find out what these new additions will be.

Corruption Update

Lastly, the Corruption Update, and conclusion of the 1st continent which is surely enticing for the player base. This basically means that we can expect an addition of a 2nd or a 3rd continent. Let’s take how a look how the devs plan to close out this continent with this patch. But before that, here’s my thought about this update:

Now, I don’t think that the game will stop getting updated if it’s still around 8000 players by this time. Because there’s a chance that the game will be down to maybe a few hundred players when this update comes out, if everything from the previous patches goes wrong. It’s possible that this update doesn’t come to fruition. Still, it’s good to know what this update has in store for us if it does come up.

Arcane Lineage: Update Roadmap (Future Updates, What We Know) (7)

Corruption biome – we are yet to find out what this biome will be but as the location of the continent’s final boss, the enemies here will sure be strong. However, it’s safe to say that this biome is designed around evil and chaos, and that it has something to do with the Cult of Thanasius. Again, we’ll have to wait and see.

Final Boss of the 1st Continent – now, as I mentioned before, it’s possible that this update is situated around the Cult of Thanasius, so I’m just going to make a wild guess that the boss of this area will be Thanasius itself, but we’ll see.

New content – of course, new content, I still have no information about the specifics, but I expect it to be related on the new biome.

So, that wraps it up for the current update roadmap for Arcane Lineage. That is indeed a lot of exciting content that the developers have prepared for us. If you have questions, concerns or I missed out on some of the upcoming features, feel free to let us know in the comments section down below.

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Arcane Lineage: Update Roadmap (Future Updates, What We Know) (2024)


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