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Trying to decide what direction to take your character in? We’re here with the lowdown! Our Arcane Lineage classes guide goes over each class in brief to let you make your choices on what to grab.

Arcane Lineage is a Roblox game that drops you into a fantasy world and sets you out into it with a name, a race, some basic stats, and a dream. There are tons of different classes, heaps of skills, and hordes of enemies to deal with on your way to the peak of performance.

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Arcane Lineage Classes Guide – Base Classes

Base classes are the starting classes you can pick from upon reaching Level 5. They don’t lean either way on the Order/Chaos axis.

Martial Artist

A class that fights with punches and kicks, and favors fist weapons.

Passive Abilities
  • Fighting Prowess – Extra damage with fist weapons, such as the Caestus.
  • Iron Body – Blocking is more effective.
Active Abilities
  • Barrage – Attacks three times.
  • Endure – Ups your defense for three turns.


A sneaky class that favors speed and can inflict status effects on opponents.

Passive Abilities
  • Agile – Faster running speed on the map.
Active Abilities
  • Stab – An attack that inflicts the Bleed status effect.
  • Pocket Sand – Inflicts Blindness for several turns.


An agile fighter who favours spears.

Passive Abilities
  • Spear Training – Increased damage with spear-type weapons.
  • Swift Fighter – Improved dodges.
Active Abilities
  • Serpent Strike – An attack that inflicts Poison status.
  • Triple Strike – Attacks three times.


A strong, sword-wielding class.

Passive Abilities
  • Sword Training – Increased damage with sword-type weapons.
  • Strength Training – Blocking effectiveness increased while using a sword.
Active Abilities
  • Pommel Strike – Attack with a chance of inflicting the Stun status.
  • Double Slash – Attacks two times.


Magic-using class that can use scrolls.

Passive Abilities
  • Scholar Training – You can use skills from scrolls
  • Coward – Enemies are less likely to attack your squishy self.
Active Abilities
  • Magic Missle – A ranged magic attack.

Arcane Lineage Classes Guide – Super Classes

Once you reach Level 15, you can specialize further into a Super Class. They’re broadly grouped into Orderly and Chaotic, which is what we’ve done here, too.

Super Classes (Order)

Orderly classes tend to focus more on defensive abilities and utility.


A caster character that uses elemental magic.

Passive Abilities
  • Elemental Master – You take less damage from elemental attacks.
  • Caster – You may get extra energy each turn.
Active Abilities
  • Blaze – Area Of Effect fire spell.
  • Wind Reflect – Repels melee attacks for several truns.
  • Lightning Crash – Lightning spell.


Combined unarmed fighting with holy powers.

Passive Abilities
  • Blessed Fists – More effective at healing and blocking.
Active Abilities
  • Holy Mantra – Self or ally buff.
  • Fire Sutra – Adds fire damage to your fists.
  • Flame Drop – Strong fire kick attack.
  • Blazing Barrage – Upgraded version of Barrage with fire-aligned damage.


A tanky fighting class with support abilities packaged in.

Passive Abilities
  • Enduring Fighter – Your defenses raise as your health gets lower.
  • Shield Training – Buffs your block.
Active Abilities
  • Pure Resonation – Self or ally buff.
  • Sacred Call – Ally buff.
  • Holy Crash – A holy melee strike.


A cleric class with healing abilities.

Passive Abilities
  • Graceful Returns – Healing others buffs you. No good deed goes unrewarded.
  • Holy Emissary – Stronger healing ability than other classes.
Active Abilities
  • Light Burst – Attack that may inflict Blindness.
  • Cleansing Prayer – Heals and removes debuffs.
  • Holy Grace – Heals an ally.


An upgraded Thief with trap-making abilities.

Passive Abilities
  • Blader – Bleed chance now applies to all attacks with daggers.
  • Advanced Thief – You get better loot.
Active Abilities
  • Slash Barrage – Multiple-hit attack.
  • Poison Trap – A trap that inflicts Poison.
  • Dagger Spread – Ranged throwing attack.

Super Classes (Chaos)

Chaotic classes tend to favour more heavy damage-dealing moves.


A shadowy class that favours stealth and poison.

Passive Abilities
  • Shadow – You may evade attacks completely.
  • Poisoner – Critical hits inflict poison.
Active Abilities
  • Shadow Form – You can become invisible at will.
  • Poison Fan – AOE poison attack.
  • Stealth Strike – A melee strike from behind.


A greatsword-wielding juggernaut that gets buffs from killing enemies.

Passive Abilities
  • Greatsword Training – You can use greatswords.
  • Bloodlust – Every kill grants a damage buff.
Active Abilities
  • Rage Empower – Decrease you defense for an attack boost.
  • Head Splitter – Attack that inflicts Vulnerable effect.
  • Carnage – AOE attack.

Dark Wraith

A dark caster that uses sinister magic.

Passive Abilities
  • Darkborne – Critical hits increase your speed.
  • Spirit Wraith – Summons get a buff when your health gets low.
Active Abilities
  • Dark Smite – Magic attack with a high crit rate.
  • Summon Darkbeast – Summons a creature to the field that attacks your enemies.


A berserk fighter with blood-related abilities.

Passive Abilities
  • Bloody Berserker – Self-buff.
  • Deranged Fighter – Getting a Status Effect gives you the Berserk buff.
Active Abilities
  • Rendering Barrage – Hits multiple times. (More if the target is affected by Bleed.)
  • Blood Eruption – Powerful AOE attack in exchange for some of your HP.
  • Bloody Burst – Powerful AOE attack in exchange for some of your HP.


A spooky caster class that can summon skeletons to do its bidding.

Passive Abilities
  • Summoner – You can have up to two active summons.
  • Death Siphon – Kills give you a small HP boost.
Active Abilities
  • Call Skeleton – Summons a skeleton to the field that attacks your enemies.
  • Darklight Drain – Drain HP from your enemies.
  • Raise Dead – Revive a dead ally.

About Arcane Lineage

Arcane Lineage is an experience on the Roblox platform. It’s an action RPG with an expansive world, and tons of freedom to build your character and complete objectives however you see fit. There are some terrible bosses lurking out there too, so be careful.

Arcane Lineage Classes Guide - Droid Gamers (2024)


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