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Arcane Lineageis a hardcore turn-based combat game. Specialize into classes, power up through battle and vanquish strong foes as you travel between the lands. In this game, you’ll get to form parties and together fight your way through victory and progress.

There are up to 10 classes you can choose from in Arcane Lineage. These will offer you different effects that can aid you as well as you party in big battles. However, you may want to know which class is the best, so you can decide what class to main. In the newest update, you’ll see a lot of changes to the tier list.

Best Class Tier List

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S Tier

Necromancer: This class will allow you to summon multiple friends to aid you in battle. With your skeletons, you’ll be able to deal insane damage to your opponents. You will also be able to heal yourself while you do damage. Moreover, you’ll have a revive ability which you can use on an ally to bring them back to the battlefield! Some utility is always good to have.

Elementalist: This class is a really great class for PvE, especially big boss battles. You will also be able to get more energies per turn thanks to your passive. This will then allow you to cast more abilities that deal more damage to enemies in front of you. If you love being able to control the elements, get this class.

Impaler: This is one of the best physical damage classes in the game. At the cost of high damage, you will need to sacrifice your health. Two of his abilities cost him some of his health and let him do insane damage. The Impaler can be great with Saint since Saint is a class focused on healing which can keep him healthy while doing damage.

A Tier

Monk: Thanks to the newest update, this class has become much stronger. However, you will need to spend turns buffing yourself before you are able to do more damage to your enemies. With buffs all charged up, you’ll be able to contribute even more to your team’s damage. Overall, this class has become much better and is a class that you can use to progress further into the game. Good news for all the Monk mains out there!

Assassin: The Assassin is a good class you can use for PvE as well as loot farming. This is because the class has damaging abilities both for AoE and single target damage. Overall, if you want to look for a class that is self-sufficient, you can go for the Assassin. He has great survivability as well as the ability to dodge attacks.

Paladin: This class is a decent class for you to choose, especially in Legendary Mode. You have a passive that lets you become tankier when your health gets low, which is a great thing. You’ll also have a buff which you can apply to your teammates that can enhance their damage along with your personal damaging abilities.

B Tier

Rogue: Overall, this class is a decent choice. However, the class’ stats scaling are quite varied. Some of your abilities will scale with arcane, damage, or speed. This makes it difficult for you to distribute your stat evenly for the best effectiveness.

This class also has a decent loot passive that lets you obtain better loot as you play. Thanks to the newest buff which allows you to do more damage to bleeding enemies, this class can even go up to A Tier if used correctly.

Berserker: Some people say he’s a lesser Impaler, but he’s actually much more different. You can be weaker in the early matches. However, you’ll scale as you get more skills in prolonged fights. On the bright side, you will not have to sacrifice any of your HP compared to the Impaler.

D Tier

Saint: This class is a full support class that you can use. The reason why the class is in the D Tier is because you will be more reliant on your teammates compared to solo play. The skill sets of this character focuses entirely on healing, which makes you someone people love to play with. If you are a support lover, take this class!

Another drawback to this class is that there has been changes to the content. You now see content with stronger monsters that can one shot you or have the tools to negate the healing capabilities from the Saint Class. Maybe we’ll see a buff to this class, either direct or indirect, to bring him back to his old place, so keep staying updated.

To Be Determined

Darkwraith: This is a class that scales off of arcane. Overall, this class can deal heavy damage to your opponents as well as spawn summons. Summons are great assistance in battle in Arcane Lineage and are one of the best things you can have in fights. This is why you’ll also see Necromancer in the S Tier List.

Darkwraith used to be in the S Tier, but due to the latest changes, this class needs to be tested in order to find the right place for him. According to players in the community, this class is now considered to be in either the A or the B Tier, which means that it is still good to use!

That’s your newest Tier List up until now for Arcane Lineage. Keep it in mind that in the future, we may see more changes like this that greatly shake up the places for the classes in the Tier List. In the end, choose the class you like to play the most and enjoy the gameplay!

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Arcane Lineage: Best Class Tier List - Item Level Gaming (2024)


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