Bloons Tower Defense (Game) (2024)

For the first Bloons franchise game, see Bloons (Game).
Stop any bloons from escaping the maze by building and upgrading bloons popping towers. Towers can throw darts, tacks, bombs, and ice. Can you make it through all 50 levels?
~ Official Description

Bloons Tower Defense (or Bloons Tower Defense 1) is the first game in the Bloons Tower Defense series. It is a tower defense game where monkeys and their towers try to stop enemy balloons (called Bloons) from getting through the track by popping them. There is only one track and one difficulty in the game, and the strongest bloons are the White Bloon and Black Bloon, which each contain two Yellow Bloons. (In later games, they contain two Pink Bloons.) Unlike other games in the series, the Bloons are very off-centered.


  • 1 Gameplay
  • 2 Towers
    • 2.1 Dart Tower
      • 2.1.1 Upgrades
    • 2.2 Tack Tower
      • 2.2.1 Upgrades
    • 2.3 Ice Tower
      • 2.3.1 Upgrades
    • 2.4 Bomb Tower
      • 2.4.1 Upgrades
    • 2.5 Super Monkey
  • 3 Bloon Types
    • 3.1 Red Bloon
    • 3.2 Blue Bloon
    • 3.3 Green Bloon
    • 3.4 Yellow Bloon
    • 3.5 Black Bloon
    • 3.6 White Bloon
  • 4 Strategies
    • 4.1 Video Guide
  • 5 Gallery
  • 6 Glitches
  • 7 Trivia


Bloons Tower Defense (Game) (1)

The player begins with $650 starting cash, 40 lives, and must beat all 50 rounds. The game is set on a single map, which consists of a green patch of grass for towers to be placed, in addition to a concrete path that bloons float along towards the exit. The aim of the game is to build towers that pop all of the bloons that arrive on screen. Bloons have many layers, some of which (only Black Bloon and White Bloon in this game) have immunities. Beating all 50 rounds gives the victory screen.

Bloons Tower Defense (Game) (2)

There is access to an assortment of towers and their respective upgrades, each paid with in-game money gained from popping bloons and end-of-round cash. All towers have two upgrades each, with exception of Super Monkey which only has one upgrade. Towers can be sold for 80% of their original value. All towers automatically target the first bloon within range, except the Ice Ball which targets all bloons within its range and the Tack Tower which shoots in a fixed direction upon detecting bloons.


Bloons Tower Defense (Game) (3)

Bloons Tower Defense has 5 different towers to pick from. Listed below are all the towers.
When selling a tower, the player gets 80% of the money spent on the tower.

Dart Tower[]

The Dart Tower is the cheapest tower in Bloons Tower Defense.
Cost: $250
Description: Shoots a single dart. It can upgrade to piercing darts and long range darts.

Sell for:

Bloons Tower Defense (Game) (4)

Initial: $200
With Piercing Darts: $368
With Long Range Darts: $280
With both upgrades: $448


  • Piercing Darts: Can pop 2 bloons, the dart goes through the first one. ($210)
  • Long Range Darts: The Dart Tower can shoot further. ($100)

Tack Tower[]

Tack Towers shoot 8 tacks in 8 directions at certain intervals.
Cost: 400
Description: Shoots volley of tacks in 8 directions. Can upgrade its shoot speed and its range.

Sell for:

Bloons Tower Defense (Game) (5)

Initial: 320
With Faster Shooting: 520
With Extra Range Tacks: 440
With both upgrades: 640


  • Faster Shooting ($250)
  • Extra Range Tacks ($150)

Ice Tower[]

Ice Towers freeze bloons for a short period of time. Ice Towers are ineffective against White Bloons.
Cost: 850
Description: Freezes nearby bloons. Frozen bloons are immune to darts and tacks, but bombs will destroy them. Can upgrade to increased freeze time, and larger freeze radius.

Sell for:

Bloons Tower Defense (Game) (6)

Initial: 680
With Long Freeze Time: 1040
With Wide Freeze Radius: 920
With both upgrades: 1280


  • Long Freeze Time ($450)
  • Wide Freeze Radius ($300)

Bomb Tower[]

Bomb Towers launch bombs that explode on impact. Bomb Towers are ineffective against Black Bloons. However, a bomb tower works well when near an ice tower.
Cost: 900
Description: Launches a bomb that explodes on impact. Can upgrade to bigger bombs and longer range.

Sell for:

Bloons Tower Defense (Game) (7)

Initial: 720
With Bigger Bombs: 1,240
With Extra Range Bombs: 920
With both upgrades: 1440


  • Bigger Bombs (650)
  • Extra Range Bombs (250)

Super Monkey[]

Super Monkeys shoot darts incredibly fast. Its only upgrade is Epic Range (2400) which improves its range greatly.
Cost: 4000
Description: Super monkey shoots a continuous stream of darts and can mow down even the fastest and most stubborn bloons.

Sell for:

Bloons Tower Defense (Game) (8)

Initial: 3200
With Epic Range: 5120


  • Epic Range (2400)

Bloon Types[]

In Bloons Tower Defense, the enemies are the bloons, like the original Bloons game. In the game, there are 6 different kind of enemy Bloons, some with their own unique special abilities.

Red Bloon[]

Bloons Tower Defense (Game) (9)

The Red Bloon is the first enemy encountered in the game. Red Bloons are the slowest and weakest Bloon in Bloons Tower Defense. They do not release a bloon when popped.
First encounter: Round 1
RBE: 1

Blue Bloon[]

Bloons Tower Defense (Game) (10)

The Blue Bloon is the second enemy encountered in the game. Blue Bloons are slightly bigger and faster than Red Bloons. They release a Red Bloon when popped.
First encounter: Round 3
RBE: 2

Green Bloon[]

Bloons Tower Defense (Game) (11)

The Green Bloon is the third enemy encountered. Green Bloons are faster and bigger than Blue Bloons. Popping Green Bloons may be difficult at earlier rounds, due to their relatively fast speed compared to Blue and Red Bloons. They release a Blue Bloon when popped.
First encounter: Round 6
RBE: 3

Yellow Bloon[]

Bloons Tower Defense (Game) (12)

Yellow Bloons are the fourth type of Bloon encountered. Yellow Bloons are very difficult to fend off during the earlier rounds due to their fast speed. They are the fastest type of Bloon in Bloons TD 1. They release a Green Bloon when popped.
First encounter: Round 11
RBE: 4

Black Bloon[]

Bloons Tower Defense (Game) (13)

Black Bloons are the fifth type of Bloon encountered. They are immune to explosions. They can be considered as the "twin" of the White Bloon, with the only difference being their immunities. They release two Yellow Bloons when popped.
First encounter: Round 27
RBE: 9

White Bloon[]

Bloons Tower Defense (Game) (14)

White Bloons are the sixth and last type of Bloon encountered in Bloons Tower Defense. They are immune to freezing. They can be considered as the "twin" of the Black Bloon, with the only difference being their immunities. They release two Yellow Bloons when popped.
First encounter: Round 41
RBE: 9


Video Guide[]



Hypersonic tack tower

Winning the game

Round 42, with a variety of clustered bloons

Round 29, with many black bloons

Round 17, with green, blue and red bloons

Round 1

Game Over

The notorious Round 14 pre-round comment in the NK Archives (with user-made censor)


  • If you place two Tack Towers too close to each other, neither will shoot.
  • If you use Tab to select an upgrade and then hold Enter to buy, you can buy that upgrade regardless of whether or not you have enough money which means that you can use the tack tower to fire at hypersonic speeds with 4-6 upgrades to get a super tack tower that can beat the game by itself. Doing this will in fact make your money go negative, so make sure that if you want to have other towers to get them before doing this glitch.
    • It is possible to complete the game using one well-placed glitch-enhanced tack tower, with all 40 lives remaining and a surplus of 29,410 money. The tack tower's shoot speed would be "hypersonic" given a Tab over to the shoot speed and four taps of the space bar.
    • Note that you have to be on the ninja kiwi website to preform the "hypersonic tower glitch ".


  • The Pre-Round Comments claim that the game is impossible to beat with only Tack Towers. Several players proved this wrong and beat it with only Tack Towers, even without glitches.
  • The Pre-Round Comments also claim that the developers were unable to beat the game without cheats or hacking.
  • The RBE of the entire game is 30160, which is close to 2 Z.O.M.Gs (33312).
  • Due to the short nature of this game, It is only possible to buy 7 un-upgraded Super Monkeys or 4 upgraded Super Monkeys in the game at one time.
  • This is the only BTD game where the Dart Monkey is called the Dart Tower and the Tack Shooter is called the Tack Tower.
  • This is the only BTD game that has no difficulty levels.
  • There is only one track in this game, unlike later BTD games.
  • This is the only game besides BTD 4 & BTD 5 where you can beat it using only sharp objects, due to Lead Bloons being introduced in BTD 2. (BTD4 & 5 in particular because of the explosive darts premium upgrade that allows dart monkeys to pop frozen and lead bloons.)
Bloons Tower Defense (Game) (25)
  • It actually is possible to win with only Dart Towers in this game, despite being harder than it looks. BTD2 acknowledges this, and on passing Round 4, the game leaves the tip "In Bloons TD 1, you could pass with only dart towers. In TD 2, I promise you that is no longer possible..."
    • This is most likely only because of Lead Bloons.
    • It would also be possible to beat a track in BTD4 and BTD5 using Dart Monkeys as long you had Splodey Darts (for both) or Juggernaut (for the latter).
  • Although Bloons are weaker, due to the high price of towers, lack of variety and only having 40 lives, this game is often considered to be the hardest game in the series, not counting very high freeplay levels in BTD3 and later.
  • Technically, the Black Bloon is the strongest bloon in the game (not the White Bloon) because of its immunity to bombs and from the fact that the only projectile that thaws Frozen Bloons are bombs.
  • This game is not a sequel to any Bloons TD game, but rather is a "spin-off" of the original Bloons series when Tower Defense games were popular.
  • According to Ninja Kiwi's June 17th 2022 blog, Bloons Tower Defense was created based off the Bloons puzzle game because many developers at Ninja Kiwi were fans of Tower Defense games from Warcraft 3 custom games.


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Bloons Tower Defense (Game) (2024)


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